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Lakeridge Precision has been involved in the power generation business since 1978, the owner worked for one of the major manufacturers of steam turbines and generators in North America and as such has many years’ experience in this industry.
Power generation represented 90% of the Companies business until we downsized in 2000.

We still test; repair and manufacture thrust bearing spring assemblies in a variety of designs and materials, Our products have been shipped to many countries such as Brazil, Africa, United States, Canada, China and many other countries of the world.

Our experience with these products is an asset to our customers all over the world, these components are an important integral part in many medium and large Generators.      

 Our facility is a modern well equipped plant with C.N.C. Lathes, Machining centers, centerless Grinding, laser cutting, fabricating and many other machines.
We do high and low volume parts and export to many other Countries.

G.E. Thrust Springs

Our skilled workforce will produce prototype parts or production runs. Thrust Bearing Spring Assemblies have been manufactured for companies such as Voith , Siemens, General Electric, Hitachi and Alstom. This includes thrust Bearing Assemblies, Spring Bearing Assembly and General Electric-D.E.W. Spring Assemblies. We also manufacture low, medium and high temperature fasteners for the power Generation Industry.

The services we provide ranges from custom work to reverse engineering parts that are no longer available or not available in a timely manner from the O.E.M. we offer around the clock service and will produce parts that otherwise would cripple the end user because of the lack of stock items by many  O.E.M’s

We maintain  I..S.O. 9000 and Z299-3 quality programmes.